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Oriental Flare For Isi Peters

  • Isi Peters models with Emma Crompton 4

It was oriental flare and 70s cool for model Isi Peters test shoot.

The J'adore model joined forces with Bluebell to model for photographer Emma Crompton on set at the UCLA in Preston.

Isi said: "This was my first studio shoot with a fellow model from J'adore, Bluebell, styling the shoot so there was added pressure to do well in front of her.

"It was lovely to meet Bluebell as she gave me a bit more of an insight into the modelling world and what I was getting myself into.

"The theme was a mix between oriental and 70s fashion so as you can imagine there was lots of clashing oriental prints and flaired pants. It was really cool to work in a studio and with a digital camera as it was completely different from my first photos shoot."

The images will be used as part of Emma's studies and will help to form part of Isi's portfolio. Emma was assisted by Jason Rose and the MUA was Beth Anderson.

Follow Isi on her official Facebook page, on Twitter @Isipeters or on Instagram and via her J'adore page.

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Isi Peters models with Emma Crompton 4 Isi Peters models with Emma Crompton 1 Isi Peters models with Emma Crompton 2 Isi Peters models with Emma Crompton 3 Isi Peters models with Emma Crompton Isi Peters models with Emma Crompton 6

Nostalgic 90s For Debut Shoot

  • Model-Isi-Peters-on-90s-nostagia-test-shoot-in-Blackpool-1
  • Model-Isi-Peters-on-90s-nostagia-test-shoot-in-Blackpool-2
  • Model-Isi-Peters-on-90s-nostagia-test-shoot-in-Blackpool-4
  • Model-Isi-Peters-on-90s-nostagia-test-shoot-in-Blackpool-5
  • Model-Isi-Peters-on-90s-nostagia-test-shoot-in-Blackpool-6
  • Model-Isi-Peters-on-90s-nostagia-test-shoot-in-Blackpool-7
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  • Model-Isi-Peters-on-90s-nostagia-test-shoot-in-Blackpool

Isi Peters stepped back into the 90s for her debut shoot in Blackpool.

The Manchester based J'adore model joined forces for her modelling debut with student stylist Lauren Tyson for the shoot in the Spring of 2015.

Photographer Catherine Booty and Make-up Artist Rosie Jones joined Lauren and Isi for the shoot and the four girls had a lot of fun - and created some stunning images.

Isi said: "This shoot was my first so as you can imagine I was petrified and didn't know what to expect.

"The theme meant that the outfits had a 90s Kate Moss and Drew Barrymore feel to them. To make the pictures seem even more authentic the photographer shot with film which makes the images more grainy than the images you see in magazines which are shot with a digital camera."

The test shoot will form part of Isi's portfolio and will form part of Lauren's end of year project as well as featuring on the  J'adore website.

Follow Isi on her official Facebook page, on Twitter @Isipeters or on Instagram and via her J'adore page.

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Model-Isi-Peters-on-90s-nostagia-test-shoot-in-Blackpool-1 Model-Isi-Peters-on-90s-nostagia-test-shoot-in-Blackpool-2 Model-Isi-Peters-on-90s-nostagia-test-shoot-in-Blackpool-4 Model-Isi-Peters-on-90s-nostagia-test-shoot-in-Blackpool-5 Model-Isi-Peters-on-90s-nostagia-test-shoot-in-Blackpool-6 Model-Isi-Peters-on-90s-nostagia-test-shoot-in-Blackpool-7 Model-Isi-Peters-on-90s-nostagia-test-shoot-in-Blackpool-8 Model-Isi-Peters-on-90s-nostagia-test-shoot-in-Blackpool-9Model-Isi-Peters-on-90s-nostagia-test-shoot-in-Blackpool-10 Model-Isi-Peters-on-90s-nostagia-test-shoot-in-Blackpool-11 Model-Isi-Peters-on-90s-nostagia-test-shoot-in-Blackpool-12 Model-Isi-Peters-on-90s-nostagia-test-shoot-in-Blackpool