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Trailer Trash Transformed Into Gold Shoot

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Model Isi Peters and photographer Sophie Licks turned trash into gold with their latest shoot.

The J'adore model teamed up with the talented photographer Sophie Lickiss on set at a trailer park in Greater Manchester and transformed it into a magical set.

Megan Shaw provided the Styling and Creative Direction while Hannah Gill provided the make-up and we think the results are stunning.

Isi said:  "This shoot was really cool because I got to use lots of props within the caravan we were shooting. I loved the looks that we shot as they were very grungy and edgy.

"The styling was very similar with back combed hair and very winged eyeliner. Out of all the themed shoots this was probably my favourite as it suited my personality the most.

"I loved working with all the team, stylist- Megan Shaw, photographer- Sophie Lickiss and MUA- Hannah Gill- as they made me feel really comfortable."

Sophie Lickiss is a talented photographer from Greater Manchester. Her work has been published in ASOS Marketplace, Vogue Italia Online, KTW Magazine, Line & Type Magazine, Dreamingless Magazine, Kit Magazine, Business Boom Bolton, Sora Magazine and Papercut Magazine and clients include Mary & Milly, Beauty Planet, stylistpick.com, Filsan Hassan and Miss Roses.

Follow Isi on her official Facebook page, on Twitter @Isipeters or on Instagram and via her J'adore page.

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Isi-Peters-on-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-14 Isi-Peters-on-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-18 Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-4 Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-2 Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-3 Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-7 Isi-Peter-on-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-17 Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-8 Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-6 Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-9 Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-10 Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-11 Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-12 Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-13