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Isi Peters Features In Elle Magazine

Manchester based model Isi Peters featured in Elle Magazine in a shoot for The Design Studio. The young J'adore model joined photographer Vicky Chambers and the stunning Freya  for the shoot in Liverpool and the results were incredible. TDS owner and designer was on hand to direct as the two girls showed off the stunning…
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Trailer Trash Transformed Into Gold Shoot

  • Isi-Peter-on-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-17
  • Isi-Peters-on-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-14
  • Isi-Peters-on-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-18
  • Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-4
  • Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-2
  • Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-3
  • Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-7
  • Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-8
  • Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-6
  • Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-9
  • Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-10
  • Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-11
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  • Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-13

Model Isi Peters and photographer Sophie Licks turned trash into gold with their latest shoot.

The J'adore model teamed up with the talented photographer Sophie Lickiss on set at a trailer park in Greater Manchester and transformed it into a magical set.

Megan Shaw provided the Styling and Creative Direction while Hannah Gill provided the make-up and we think the results are stunning.

Isi said:  "This shoot was really cool because I got to use lots of props within the caravan we were shooting. I loved the looks that we shot as they were very grungy and edgy.

"The styling was very similar with back combed hair and very winged eyeliner. Out of all the themed shoots this was probably my favourite as it suited my personality the most.

"I loved working with all the team, stylist- Megan Shaw, photographer- Sophie Lickiss and MUA- Hannah Gill- as they made me feel really comfortable."

Sophie Lickiss is a talented photographer from Greater Manchester. Her work has been published in ASOS Marketplace, Vogue Italia Online, KTW Magazine, Line & Type Magazine, Dreamingless Magazine, Kit Magazine, Business Boom Bolton, Sora Magazine and Papercut Magazine and clients include Mary & Milly, Beauty Planet, stylistpick.com, Filsan Hassan and Miss Roses.

Follow Isi on her official Facebook page, on Twitter @Isipeters or on Instagram and via her J'adore page.

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Isi-Peters-on-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-14 Isi-Peters-on-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-18 Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-4 Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-2 Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-3 Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-7 Isi-Peter-on-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-17 Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-8 Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-6 Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-9 Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-10 Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-11 Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-12 Isi-Peters-Trailer-Trash-Shoot-13

Isi Peters Models The Design Studio

  • Isi-Peters-model-with-The-Creative-Studio-19
  • Isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-18
  • Isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-17
  • Isi-Peters-models-with-The-Creative-Studio-16
  • Isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-11
  • Isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-10
  • Isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-9
  • Isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-3
  • Isi-Peters-models-The-Creative-Studio-bomber-jackets-1
  • Isi-Peters-model-with-The-Creative-Studio-19
  • Isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-3
  • Isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-4
  • Isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-5
  • Isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-6
  • Isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-7
  • Isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-8
  • Isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-9
  • Isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-10
  • Isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-11
  • isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-13
  • Isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-17
  • Isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-18
  • Model-Isi-Peters-featured-in-Elle-magazine-Belgium-modelling-funky-bomber-jackets-for-The-Design-Studio
  • Isi Peters models for The Design Studio Logo

Isi Peters modelled for one of the UK's hottest new fashion brands The Design Studio

The mother and daughter duo Sally and Lettie are tipped as being 'the' label to watch in 2015 and beyond after attracting a host of star names to their edgy brand.

Isi, said: "I loved this shoot because it was the first time I was working with an actually product. They are individually designed fur bomber jackets by a mother and daughter duo from Haworth. I love the brand, the concept and the fact it is local.

"I was working with another model, Freya from Nemesis models which was really interesting as I got to see how she poses and the energy she brings to set. I learned a lot just from watching her model and it adds to my experience.

"We were shooting in an arcade and a fun park. I got to ride on the dogems for some shots which was so cool because I haven't been in them for years.

"The photographer was Vicky Chambers, she was really cool to work with as she knew exactly what she wanted and got it done quickly."

The Design Studio, or TDS, was only launched in September 2014 and yet have already amassed more than 14,500 followers on Instagram.

That figures was certainly boosted by model and across Suzi Waterhouse's decision to wear one of their jackets and feature it on her Instagram feed.

J'adore model Isi Peters joined forces with photographer Vicky Chambers for a shoot in Blackpool and the results were stunning.

Fashion editors around the world are taking note and the future for TDS is as bright as some of their jackets and we hope they take a shine to this shoot.

Follow Isi on Twitter @Isipeters or on Instagram, Facebook and via her J'adore page.

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Isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-3 Isi-Peters-model-with-The-Creative-Studio-19 Isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-18 isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-13 Isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-6 Isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-17 Isi-Peters-models-The-Creative-Studio-bomber-jackets-1 Isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-11 Isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-8 Isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-4 Isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-9 Isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-5 Isi-Peters-models-for-The-Creative-Studio-9 Model-Isi-Peters-featured-in-Elle-magazine-Belgium-modelling-funky-bomber-jackets-for-The-Design-Studio


Oriental Flare For Isi Peters

  • Isi Peters models with Emma Crompton 4

It was oriental flare and 70s cool for model Isi Peters test shoot.

The J'adore model joined forces with Bluebell to model for photographer Emma Crompton on set at the UCLA in Preston.

Isi said: "This was my first studio shoot with a fellow model from J'adore, Bluebell, styling the shoot so there was added pressure to do well in front of her.

"It was lovely to meet Bluebell as she gave me a bit more of an insight into the modelling world and what I was getting myself into.

"The theme was a mix between oriental and 70s fashion so as you can imagine there was lots of clashing oriental prints and flaired pants. It was really cool to work in a studio and with a digital camera as it was completely different from my first photos shoot."

The images will be used as part of Emma's studies and will help to form part of Isi's portfolio. Emma was assisted by Jason Rose and the MUA was Beth Anderson.

Follow Isi on her official Facebook page, on Twitter @Isipeters or on Instagram and via her J'adore page.

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Isi Peters models with Emma Crompton 4 Isi Peters models with Emma Crompton 1 Isi Peters models with Emma Crompton 2 Isi Peters models with Emma Crompton 3 Isi Peters models with Emma Crompton Isi Peters models with Emma Crompton 6